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Support For Partners

You are
not alone

Partners may feel uncertain of their role when facing a crisis pregnancy, not sure how to support their partner in what  decision to make for the best. At The Well Pregnancy Choices Centre, we offer a safe space and time for you and/or your partner to discuss all the options available to you at this time. Contact us to make an appointment.


Perhaps your partner has had an abortion? You may be experiencing a mix of emotions after a termination of a pregnancy, for example feelings of loss, sadness and confusion. Depending on individual circumstances, you may feel burdened with questions about your role (or lack of) in the decision.
In addition, you may struggle to find the best way to support your partner after an abortion. You may feel helpless and upset by her physical pain and emotional responses, as well as her feelings and thoughts, which can be difficult to understand.
While it is important for you to show care and concern for your partner, you deserve to look after yourself as well, by finding your own sources of support, comfort and information.
You and your partner may feel differently about the decision now or in the future.
We offer you the same time and safe space to consider your thoughts and feelings. We can also support couples who want to work through things together. 
Our free confidential* support service is available to anyone living in Gloucestershire.

*All our support is confidential; therefore it will not be shared with anyone outside of the organisation (unless in the rare case you disclose something that indicates you or someone else is at risk of harm. We may then have to inform someone, but you will be kept fully aware of any actions we take, unless there is a risk to ourselves, or someone else, in doing so.

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