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If you have had an abortion or termination of pregnancy you may find that you are experiencing a mix of emotions. Some of these may be unsettling and some may not surface until months or even years later. We can help you to work through these emotions in a safe and supportive environment.


Support Following a Termination

We know that for many women it is not an easy decision to have an abortion. It may be that since the termination, you are struggling with feelings of grief, guilt, shame, loss, anxiety or depression. Abortion can leave you feeling empty.
However you are feeling now, we can give you the time and space to share your experience in a safe environment. We will listen with compassion and without judgement and we can help you to work through your emotions surrounding your decision and loss. We allow you time to express all your feelings and emotions and will support you for as long as you feel it necessary.

We offer a course called "The Bowl: Support Following a Decision to Terminate a Pregnancy (SFDTP)."
This course will help you to explore the effects of your experience and help you to begin the healing process. "The Bowl" can also help you to work through any feelings of guilt, shame, anger, grief or numbness you may be experiencing, giving you hope of being able to move forward. 

We offer you the opportunity to do "The Bowl" course no sooner than 3 months following your abortion. This is to give your body the chance to recover physically and your hormones time to settle. If your termination was less than 3 months ago and you would like someone to talk to, please do contact us as we can offer you one or more listening sessions. These sessions will give you the opportunity to share your experience, and we can give you some strategies for coping day to day with your emotions. These sessions can begin prior to starting "The Bowl" or as stand alone appointments.
If you would like to work through this difficult experience we are here to help.
We provide free support for women, men and couples.

The most valuable part of the Bowl programme was that it allowed me to understand what we were going to cover and to what extent. I also valued that I was not judged at all...and my case was seen and treated as an individual case.

I felt comfortable, valued and respected.

My journey as an individual woman was taken into account.


Name changed for confidentiality

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